Thursday, April 28, 2011

Aztec Warrior, or Sr. Citizen?

I finally got a nesting place for My Aztec Sr. Citizen.  He was a warrior when I started 12 years ago, but has aged significantly.  I got the batik panel in a mercado in Mexico City, while spending my last pesos, prior to us getting pick-pocketed on the metro!  So glad I didn't have any money left!!
Anyway I've been collecting fabric I thought might work for all these years, while also looking for patterns.  Once I even lost him for a couple of years.  I think that is when he got all the warts and wrinkles!
   Anyway last fall, I ran onto a perfect pattern, and used it in a workshop I taught in September for our guild.  I got the first set of blocks done at that time, and then as Sr. Azteca was so tired, I had to let him rest for another 6 months...But Voila, he resurrected in April, and the quilt is now finished.  I love it.  Some times things just get better with age!
Jerri Montella quilted it for me.  I used a nice silky 600 count sheet for the backing. 

Baby quilts finished

Since Brig was having a new baby brother in May, I decided to make them both cowboy quilts. Jens Quentin was born May 9, 2011, and Brig Keeler was born June 18, 2009.  Here are their quilts:

Jerri did the quilting on both of them.  They have western symbols as well as their last nane "branded on the quilt!  I purchased the boots from E-bay.  There are 12 pieces in every boot !  I think they are darling and clever, but I knew I'd never get them done myself.

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