Friday, October 7, 2011

2011--The Year of the Quilts

It's true that when given a challenge, we rise to the occassion.  I believe I've made and helped to make more quilts this year, than any previous year of my life.  Because of the nature of my role of Quilt Guild President, I felt more motivated to make quilts--even in the summer, which I normally don't do.  Here are some of the recent ones I've completed.

My nephew Matthew Keeler and his wife Karen were married last year on
Mattmwe Beach, Zanzibar, Tanzania Aug. 14.  I finally completed a quilt for them in September 2011.  I love the bright colors of the batik's and I picked ones that reminded me of fall.  I set it together a little differently, using browns and greens against the batiks, showing the change in seasons.  After it was completed I added appliqued leaves using the raw edge applique technique I recently learned. 
My niece Andrea and hubby Tyler had their first baby boy, after three girls.  They named him after my Dad, --her grandpa, Jess .  Here is his cowboy quilt. 
This summer our quilt guild made a Quilt of Valor which we donated in July to the National Guard here in Blanding.  We were so saddened when one of our own local boys was the next to give his life for our country.  Jason Workman was one of  38 soldiers including Team Six of the Navy Seals who were shot out of the sky Aug. 5 in Afghanistan.  I taught him, and his three brothers in high school, so knew them all well.  It was a tragic and sad time for the whole community.   He was buried in Arlington Cemetary.  We presented the Valor quilt to his parents, in September, and also gave a flag wall hanging to his wife and son. 

 The last of the Buffalo Gang, Autumn's high school friends was married in September.  Arin Shumway was an RN, and had served a mission to Argentina.  She is becoming a mom right off the bat, as her new hubby has two children.  Here is the quilt that Dantzelle, Marian, Lana, Amber and I tied for her.  I did all the piecing, and Autumn helped me pick out the fabric.  It is wild and crazy, just like Arin.

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