Wednesday, February 29, 2012

2012 Sewing Projects

I did so many quilting projects last year, in the process of being guild president, that I am about quilted out for awhile, but there are a few things I've done this year.  I continue to do the publicity for quilt guild, and take photos as well.  I was also asked to be the chairman of the 4-H quilt camp.

This was a posed picture I embellished to advertise our guild meeting in May where we visited three guild members homes and learned what a neea tidy sewing room looks like.  Mine is seldom tidy, but not always quite this bad.  We've slowly moved all the tools and gardening supplies from these cupboards, out to the garage, which Steve got organized as a Christmas gift to me in 2011. This has given me lots more room for my stash, though I still can't fit it all into this room.  Note the little eye level opening into the TV room.  Steve also did that for me about 12 years ago, so I could watch TV while sewing, or picking out as the case may be!

This was a project I started about 10 years ago, and just got it completed this winter.  I gave three of the shamrocks to various families, and kept one for myself.  The original pattern was designed as a large wall hanging with all 3 shamrocks, but I like the smaller size much better. Sure and Begorrah!

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